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genivan with guitar
STUTTGART - 4. November 2017
KRESSBERG - 5. November 2017
BAMBERG - 6. November 2017
OBERKIRCH - 10. November 2017
GENGENBACH - 11. November 2017
STUTTGART - 12. November 2017
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Clip Naquela Noite

My thanks to all of you, brothers !!! 

This video is a tribute to my birthplace, Conde. A region rich in nature and culture. Conde is a municipality, bordering villages with rivers and blackened by forest and coconut. Its estimated population in 2013 was 25 724 inhabitants. Conde has an area of 954.452 km ². One of the most famous villages is called Cobo, where I come from.  There are really every day party! What makes this town look even more wonderful is the neighborhood: Sempreviva, Buri, Charrita and other locations. 
According to informations, there was formed a Quilombo, villages were sheltered slaves fleeing of the farms and family homes, and it is a term of Angola origin. The slaves went to the Quilombo for not to be found, because where they lived, they were always exploited and suffered mistreatment. That's where it comes the joy and peace of a free and festive life today. Gradually neighboring communities mingled, some descendants of Portuguese and Tupinambas. 
This video shows the beauty of miscegenation, but also the fight written on their faces, looks and gestures. 
The music "Naquela Noite" is a invitation to the reflection on peace, which only lasts so long as the harmonious relationship between the human and the nature. Without this link of friendship and understanding, occurs the exploitation of human by human, 'cause freedom can never come from him, but of the nature inspiring the peace and beauty.

Project Move & Groove 2014

On May 28,  Genivan was a guest at the project "Move & Groove" from the music school in Offenburg / Ortenau and Ortenauer schools. In the riding hall Offenburg was a wonderful atmosphere! I thank you very much for the cooperation with Daniel Schay, Peter Stoehr, Dietmar Goeppert and the music school Offenburg / Ortenau. Thanks to all, especially the children !!!



Our newsletter is ready and we will send it in the next few days! Genivan spent several months in Brazil. It was a very intensive time with his family - relaxing and developing new. For more informations and the new concert dates look at the Newsletter! Have fun!


Greets from Brazil

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for the great year 2013! I wish you all a Happy New Year. I'm currently working on a new video clip - and in May i will be back with a lot of concerts! Looking forward to seeing you!


New video of the release concert "Sementes da terra"!

Finally there is a video of the release concert. We have waited for it a long time, but it was worth - its very beautiful! An excerpt from the new album "Sementes da terra" with the incomparable spokeswoman Ursula Bengel. Click right here to see the new video or directly on youtube!


EPK | Genivan with "Sementes da terra"

Shortly before the release start, there is also a great video for the new album from Genivan. Wonderful impressions into three new songs from "Sementes da terra", and a presentation of the work from Genivan himself!


New album out now: "Sementes da terra"

Finally we can present: the new album "Sementes da terra" is out now! The release concert to the new album is at Salmen in Offenburg on 28.02.2013. You can buy the new album by www.genivan.com or itunes.


New album in preparation!

After a hot summer with a lot of concerts we go on busy: the band is working on a new album. In October, the first studio recordings will begin. Genivan is looking forward to an exciting and busy time!

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